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Kpopremix Interviews: Blue Satellite

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Welcome the first Remixer to ever get interviewed on no one else than Blue satelitte!

Staff of kpopremix worked hard on trying to find some time to sit down with blue satelitte and ask him a few questions.


Q: When did you started remixing and at first what was the reason that pushed you to do so?
A: My fascinating in remixing came about when I was 14 and stumbled across a website called OverClocked Remix, which specialized in Video Game remixes. As a huge fan of gaming back then I began work on a Zelda remix, and pretty much just made it up as I went along.

Q: What brought you to K-Pop?
A: My next inspiration was discovering a J-Pop artist ‘capsule’ a couple years later which was like nothing I’d ever heard before. Diving into Japanese electronic music  opened me up to the world of Korean Pop; however it wasn’t until I met Robotaki (on OCR) and REX Rowdee (through Robotaki) that I really got into remixing Korean Pop tracks.

Q: Which band/bands are your favorite and why?
A: Definitely a hard call. I have a very short attention span and I appreciate all genres of music so I basically have my favorites from each. Right now my favorite producer in Electro is a French Producer called ‘Dilemn.’ I’ve spent a lot of time driving recently and it’s been perfect music for that.

Q: What was your first K-Pop remix?
A: My first K-Pop remix was Orange Caramel’s ‘Magic Girl.’ It was a toss up between that and SHINee’s ‘Lucifer,’ but I thought this track was more J-Pop-esque and in turn that made it easier to get ideas for.

Q: How do you define your genre, style?
A: I can’t say I ever wanted to make a specific sound, but with the tricks I’ve learned and what I have been making recently, it’s become a hybrid mixture of funky house, jazz and video game music. I like to try bringing in elements of other styles too, so I’m hoping to become a more versatile producer in the future.
Q: Any plans for the future or comments?
A: I can’t really say right now, both because I’m not allowed to and there are still a couple things up in the air with my music. If anything big is about to happen I’ll let you know haha.


Join his facebook :

For thoses that do not know what a Blue Satellite  sound  when its remixing kpop here it goes:

Tae yang I need a girl

Big bang Tonight

Clazziquai – Flea

Orange Caramel



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