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f(x) – Electric Shock [DANGEREX REMIX]

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After a long hiatus, Rex Rowdee – now known as Dangerex – is back with a newly released remix of f(x)Electric Shock“.

It is yet unclear what was the motive behind Rex’s latest name change (in my opinion, rex rowdee sounded cooler) but we suppose a name is just name.

On the other hand, Dangerex’s remix is down right awesome. You can see that this long hiatus did bear some fruits, and we see his developed talent blossom all over this remix. Dangerex’s style has really matured since his humble beginnings as remixer, and I’m sure that his new connections courtesy of Allkpop have helped build his experience with high-end producers.

I am quite surprised how the remix turned out. It doesn’t sound like a remix to me. The composition resembles pretty much an original production, and fans will appreciate this approach. Could it be that Dangerex is getting ready for a release of original tracks of his own in the near future? We’ll have to wait.


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f(x) - Electric Shock [DANGEREX REMIX], 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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