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Duo Dolce & Bond are back. This time they brought a ‘monster’ with them (har har).

My feelings about Dolce & Bond have recently been splitting in two. I never know what to expect from them, especially in the last few weeks prior. I feel that i am gambling on each new remix that I hear. Of course, I cannot expect all remixes to be top notch nor to be up to my taste, but I really feel that with Dolce & Bond remixes its either a hit or miss.

Luckily this time it was a hit. Their brand new remix of BIG BANG‘s “Monster” exceeds my expectations. Not only does the remix does sound good, it also stays true to Dolce & Bond’s style. Every bit of this remix smells of Dolce & Bond, from the slick intro to the chorus, until the very end of the track.
Check it out below!

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BIG BANG - MONSTER [DOLCE & Bond Remix], 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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