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VIXX (빅스) – Super Hero [G Sweet Remix]

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For a band that has passed unnoticed for by most of the kpop fans, Vixx manages to stand out in the crowd with their super hero concept. The MV reminds ever so slightly of F.cuz‘s Jiggy, but let’s hope that Vixx will perform better than what we had to experience with the latter.

On this Gsweet number, we’re presented with a sweet RnB remix of Vixx’s first single. Seriously, by what this remix has done to the song, I’m hoping Vixx tries to pursue an RnB track for their next single.

I think it was quite a clever move from Gsweet to try to make something new with something that is quite familiar. I never expected Jennifer HudsonIf This Isnt Love to be mixed with K-Pop, but it worked.

Let’s hope that Gsweet keeps it up.

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