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2NE1 – Hate You vs. After School – Dilly Dally [Violet Green Mashup]

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Violet Green was happy to share his latest mashup between an accapella of 2ne1‘s Hate You and After School‘s instrumental of Dilly Dally. With the pulsing synths between the instrumental of the two songs, we’re not surprised a connection has been made. While listening to this mashup, we couldn’t help but notice the other remarkable similarity between After School’s Dilly Dally and Rihanna‘s Disturbia. Another potential mashup from the community, perhaps?

On a first listen nothing is apparently wrong with this piece. The essential rules of composition seem to be obeyed, but somehow 2ne1′s chorus seems hollow against After School’s Dilly Dally. Following a checklist, we see that:

  • Instrumental and accapella are beatmatched. Check – 128 BPM
  • Instrumental and accapella are in key. Check – B minor
  • The phrasing of the instrumental and accapella are together. .. check?

It is this third point that we are unsure of.

While 32 beat phrases of the instrumental and accapella both start on 1 in each section of the mashup (as they should), 2ne1′s chorus starts during the verse of afterschool’s dilly dally. Ideally, the chorus of the instrumental and accapella should both start at the same time.

The chorus of both 2ne1′s Hate You and After School’s Dilly Dally are two 32 beat phrases (or one 64 beat phrase). Because After School’s Dilly Dally instrumental chorus starts 32 beats into 2ne1′s chorus, 2ne1′s verse begins during the second half of Dilly Dally‘s instrumental.

Its annoying thing for us to nit-pick, but Violet Green, we do this in the interest of educating the community. We encourage you to do a slight re-vamp of your current version. It’s a good concept, but could use a little more polish that we know you’re capable of delivering.

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2NE1 - Hate You vs. After School - Dilly Dally [Violet Green Mashup], 9.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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