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Big Bang – Fantastic Baby [Areia Remix]

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Wow. Fantastic baby! That pun was the first thing that came to my mind when I listened to this little beauty. Taking a phenomenal and fun dance track like Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” is no easy matter. And when you take into account the rabid fans, a remixer could basically be asking for trouble. However, AreiaCreations had no such trouble.

With this latest remix, the song takes on a whole new vibe as it is recreated to fit the trance genre. It may not have the head-pounding beats of the original, but it will certainly get your body moving nonetheless. And while the original had that excellent lead-up at the end of each verse that broke into an abrupt, but catchy chorus, this remix makes a smoother transition. The lead-up holds more of the feel of an epic, as does the subtle ethereal pitches in the background. It may not be an original Big Bang, but this particular remix is quite fantastic.



While this particular beauty was crafted by the most prominent remixer on AreiaCreations, Jun Areia, he will not be releasing quite as many remixes personally in the coming months. But, fear not! The rest of the AreiaCreations’ team is just as adept in their craft and if you would like to continue looking into their tracks, check them out below!






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