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Ailee – Heaven [Trance Blossom Remix]

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I hope dream trance is going to start becoming a trend, because I have to admit I’m loving it. There are few things better in music than a beautiful blend of electronic beats and old-school classic instruments. So as excited as I was about AreiaCreation‘s track last week, Trance Blossom has me excited as well.

Ailee was the charismatic rookie with powerhouse vocals that debuted earlier this year. The original track was certainly gorgeous and showcased her brilliance. Now Trance Blossom has produced it to showcase the track with a little bit extra oomph. The piano inserts in tact still, “Heaven” now has taken on a new form with a trance inspiration. Ever wanted a more upbeat version, but wanted to retain the elegance of the original? Look no further than below.



If you liked that, the download link is below for the mp3, as well as an instrumental version, as well as an extended mix with intro and outro beats for all the djs out there. Also, check out Trance Blossom’s other mixes at his variety of social networking sites.






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