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Nu’est – Face [6D Productions Remix]

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Finding new, good quality remixes is like finding cookies in the cookie jar for me: you can’t always find them, but sometimes they’re made and put in there without you even knowing. And that’s what I’ve found here with 6D Productions. With progressively improving work, 6D Productions has shown great potential. How has that been shown? In this remix.


I loved the beat of Nu’est’s “Face” when it first came out, and I have to admit, I like this rendition as well. The electrohouse beats make it even more upbeat than the original. The dubstep break has been removed, but a complextro one inserted earlier on in the song. I think the switch from the complextro back to the electro house was a bit abrupt, perhaps could have been done more smoothly, but nonetheless still comes off well. Want to take a listen and judge for yourself? Listen to the instrumental here:



Did you like those beats? I know I did. My biggest hang-up was sadly with the low-quality of the vocals in the vocal-included remix. I feel he did a great job placing the vocals and they would do well to contribute to the remix, but due to technical difficulties, they are quiet and a bit scratchy. I hope 6D Productions manages to find a better accapella and revamps the vocal track, because truly this would be a favorite of mine then. If you are still inclined, you can listen to the remix with vocals below:



If you like either–or even both–the download links can be found on the video’s page! If you want to keep an out for more of 6D Production’s works, check out and subscribe to his youtube channel below!


Remix DL:

Remix Instrumental DL:

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