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Girl’s Day – Oh! My God [Epitone Remix]

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“Oh! My God” was one of those songs that felt like it didn’t strike a chord with me. It seemed to follow the standard “aegyo-style” formula: get multiple cute girls singing a cute song with a cute dance routine. But aside from the added quirks (irritating sound effects, kick-ass breakdancing and horse-headed bartenders) it didn’t feel like it presented anything exciting or fresh to the market. In short, it lacked a bit of oomph.

So, where to turn to for a bit of added sparkle? Look no further than Epitone’s remix of this ditty. Before, the track seemed to lack a bit of definition by straddling the dance and pop genres, but this remix pushes it firmly into the clubbier region, without losing too much of the original song’s essence. Call it cute-house, if desired.

The best sections of the mix are actually the simplest – the combination of sliced vocals, a Benny Benassi type bass lead and four on the floor beats is sublime and brings an edge definitely not found in the original. It must be said that Epitone has a knack with slicing vocals and it is difficult to find other producers who know how and when to chop sounds as effortlessly as he does.

But you’ve heard enough rambling, listen to the brilliance of the mix below.

Epitone’s youtube channel:


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