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Oh! My God [MJ Sound Remix]

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Now, not everyone is a Girl’s Day fan. For some, they’re clumped in that onslaught of rookie groups that came out early 2011. For others, they’re hooked on that one single completely different from their current image, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” and then don’t like anything else about them.

Personally, I love Girl’s Day. I think they’re quirky, ridiculous, and while their title tracks don’t tend to show it, they have vocals. And for me, knowing they at least have those sets them above and beyond others. And if it’s one thing that’s undeniable it’s this: these girls always look like they’re having the time of their lives. My favorite kind of fun – unadulterated, ridiculous, and nonsensical.


Now, their latest track here was already a little more on the dance side than the pop side. And frankly, this new remix by MJ Sound makes me love the track even more.

For one, there’s no more awkward sound effects in the video, but the actual remix itself plays up the dance factor. This euro trance track brings the song to a different light that still reflects the girls of the group. It’s fun, it’s lively, and it makes the track less over the top while keeping the ridiculous factor. Now it’s just a realistic ridiculous. If the awkward sounds turned you off before, fear not and listen to the remix below:



This is the second time we’ve had a chance to post on MJ Sound, and this was done by a different remixer amongst them, DJ Marooche. Same great quality, different style. If you like what he’s done, check out his work on his Youtube account, where there’s also a download link for this track!


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