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4minute – Volume Up [MJ Sound Remix]

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We all know “Volume Up” is one of 4minute‘s strongest tracks to date, and certainly one of their better comebacks. I particularly thought the saxophones were a nice touch, though I could’ve done with a little less HyunA and more of some of the other members, but that’s just me.

Take a pretty great comeback like that, remix it, and what do you get? Pure awesome.


Seriously though, I think I love MJ Sound‘s “Volume Up” remix more than the original . It carries the vibe of the original track, and the remix definitely carries a 4minute sound. Considering originally I felt the chorus was somewhat out of place with the rest of the track, I think this progressive remix bridges the gap and smooths it all out. I especially prefer the dirty dutch addition to the chorus.

Take a listen below:



So, which was better: the original or the remix from MJ Sound? If you want to hear more, check them out on Soundcloud and Youtube!



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