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It Hurts [Areia Trance Remix]

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Areia may have been putting an emphasis on electrohouse and dubstep in his remixes more recently, but that just halted. After a year and a half of working and reworking it, AreiaCreations has no released it’s trance rendition of 2NE1′s subtle song, “It Hurts”, or “아파”. Now, this would not be the first time Areia has given a whole new vibe and life to a 2NE1 ballad, but this is the first trance remix he’s done for them.

This remix would be classified as uplifting and progressive. Like all others in life, Areia’s style changes from generation to generation of his remixes and matures. In this remix, we have a matured Areia revisiting the style of choice–trance–of some of his earlier days.

Personally, I was not a fan of 2NE1′s original song. And before the Blackjacks jump me, I will put out there that I do love 2NE1, just this was definitely not my favorite track by them. And maybe it was that bias that, in my first few listens, had me finding a disconnect between the vocals and the new beats. But, what can I say: I’m a trance girl, and therefore it grew on me. Oh, how fickle I feel. To decide your own verdict, take a look below:



What did you guys think about it? Yay or nay?

If yay, check out more at the links below! If nay, try different tracks at the links below!






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