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Alone [Trance Blossom Remix]

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Sistar is making a comeback this month, and apparently so is Trance Blossom. Within just days of the track’s release, we are already able to bring to you a hot new remix. The original Sistar track, “Alone”, resembled the girls’ image: classy with a touch of sexy. Trance Blossom’s remixed version of the track: a sexy club trance track. And I love it. Personally, I find this remix more true to Sistar’s more recent style, and a bit more befitting. The video and wardrobe works for the classy vibe of the original, but the dance–or most of it anyway–is much more in tune with Trance Blossom’s remix.

Even the simple video alterations set a mood, a precedent to follow. The changes in lighting bring the video to a whole different light, playing up the more prominent sexy club vibe. The new track is reworked with new synths, but it carries an awesome vibe to it. Don’t want to just take my word for it? Listen here to one of Trance Blossom’s best works to date:



I hope you all loved that as much as I did. If you want to download or check out more on Trance Blossom, take a look below!







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