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Possibly the best part about DJ AMAYA’s current venture in Jpop are his remixes of jpop singles by kpop artists. The SpinKpop crew totally digs his latest release: Scream. Staying true to its GROOVEBOT’s roots, the 2NE1 track is filled with steady electro kicks with two dubstep breaks and a dub bridge. Like any successful remix, what this track does is change the way we interpret the original song. Where the original had a bounce, DJ AMAYA gives us an electro grind. Get crunk to the remix on his website and his remix video at

And don’t mind the 32 intro and outro beats, it’s there for the DJs.

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2NE1 Scream : DJ AMAYA vs GROOVEBOT REMIX, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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