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HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” [Areia Style]

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Ladies and gentlemen: summer is coming shortly. And do I have the perfect track for you. AreiaCreations has done it again, and this time the masterpiece is based off of HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” title track from 2011. Now, I will be the first to admit I am not crazy about her. But if you thought the original title track was catchy, then you’ll find this one downright infectious.

Those familiar with Areia’s works would know that he has a tendency to mix several styles into one track in his most recent works. This one is no exception. This dance track was brought to a whole new life with electrohouse beats. He also broke down the dubstep break to make it more appealing to all listeners, not just the genre’s fans. While this particular work does not have the same heavy-driven bass as most of his others, that’s no deterrent. He weaves his new beats in seamlessly with the original track and certainly gaining new fans of the song. I know I can be counted in there. And even if you are already head over heels for the face of 4Minute, then you will love the new video edit to match the new tunes. Take a few minutes to check it out below:



If you loved that as much as I did, visit to download the track for your own. He also has a dj-friendly version up for download on his site, for those of you who would love to mix it in with others. You can support him as well by liking Areia on facebook or subscribing to his account on YouTube, or even following him on Twitter for the latest updates!





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