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Violet Green – 2011 End of Year Kpop 4 Minute Mashup : 32 Songs In 1 ‘Time To Start Again’

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Our friend Violet Green did answer our prayers when we asked him to come out with a End of Year Kpop Mashup for Kpopremix’s audience. This awesome mashup is filled with prestigious female kpop bands(see the list below) and was made using Robotaki’s remix of Popular Computer’s Lointain.

Seriously mad props to Violet green that manage to not only Squeeze around 32 songs into one, but to also manage to squeeze the production of this remix into his schedule.


2NE1 — I Am The best
2NE1 — Ugly
4minute — 4 Minutes Left
4minute — I, My, Me, Mine (2010 I know, but I wanted to use that part)
4minute — Why
9 Muses — Figaro
Afterschool RED — Into The Night Sky
Big Bang — Tonight
Brown Eyed Girls — Sixth Sense
Clazzi — How We Feel (with Suelong of 2AM)
Dal Shabet — Bling, Bling
f(x) — Pinocchio (Danger)
Girls Day — Hug Me Once (ended up being used the most, I love the glitch on it!)
Hyuna — Bubble Pop!
Jewelry — Back It Up
JS & Hyuna (Trouble Maker) — Trouble Maker
Kara — Step
Miss-A — Goodbye Baby
Orange Caramel — Bangkok City
Orange Caramel — Funny Honey
Orange Caramel — Shanghai Romance
Rainbow — Sweet Dream
Rania — Pop, Pop, Pop
Secret — Love Is Move
SISTAR19 — Ma Boy
SNSD / Girls’ Generation — The Boys (Eng Version)
SNSD / Girls’ Generation– Visual Dreams
Sunny Hill — Midnight Circus
Sunny Hill — Prey
T-ara — Cry, Cry
T-ara — Roly Poly
Wondergirls — Be My Baby

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Violet Green - 2011 End of Year Kpop 4 Minute Mashup : 32 Songs In 1 'Time To Start Again', 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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