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REVIEW: “Funny Hunny” by Orange Caramel – G Sweet Remix

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On December 16, Orange Caramel released the digital single “Funny Hunny” as part of composer Cho Young Soo‘s newest project, “Signature Album“.

“Funny Hunny” features a strong 80′s Euro-disco vibe that sits snug with Orange Caramel’s musical style. Recently, remixer G Sweet took a stab at stripping “Funny Hunny” of its homely exterior, and revamped it to resonate with a cleaner, contemporary style.

“A more mature sounding version of this song…” - G Sweet (YouTube)

As always. G Sweet kept things simple. In doing so, all the melodies in “Funny Hunny” flourished in ways I hadn’t noted in the original. The instrumental of “Funny Hunny”, like in most cases, played a significant role in defining the character of the song, but by swapping it with a far more relaxed alternative like “In The Dark” by Ray Jones feat. Heidi Vogel shifted the focus to the voices of Orange Caramel (Lizzy, Nana, and Raina) and the naturally soft atmosphere of “Funny Hunny”.

As a Kpop listener, I have my days when I can’t stomach the abundant cuteness of groups like Orange Caramel, but it’s always interesting to hear how remixers emphasize (or de-emphasize) those nuances in their remixes. G Sweet’s approach to a “Funny Hunny” mashup was quite simple, but it made a whole world of difference.

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What do you think of G Sweet’s “Funny Hunny” remix?

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