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Big Bang – Fantastic...

Wow. Fantastic baby! That pun was the first thing that came to my mind when I listened to this little beauty. Taking a phenomenal and fun dance track like Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” is no easy matter. And when you … Continue reading

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2NE1 – Lonely [Gionata...

Taking slow, ballad-like songs and remixing them well can be tricky business, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Good thing Gionata Caracciolo knows what he’s doing! Seemingly becoming more proactive in his remixes as of late, this remixer has … Continue reading

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Ailee – Heaven [Trance...

I hope dream trance is going to start becoming a trend, because I have to admit I’m loving it. There are few things better in music than a beautiful blend of electronic beats and old-school classic instruments. So as excited … Continue reading

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Nu’est – Face [6D...

Finding new, good quality remixes is like finding cookies in the cookie jar for me: you can’t always find them, but sometimes they’re made and put in there without you even knowing. And that’s what I’ve found here with 6D … Continue reading

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Girl’s Day – Oh!...

AreiaCreations has done it again, and this time in a more gentle, sweet way. This remix takes away the addictive catchiness and dance-driven beats, but gives us a beautiful version to take away from it all for some easy listening. … Continue reading

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Oh! My God [MJ Sound Remix]

Now, not everyone is a Girl’s Day fan. For some, they’re clumped in that onslaught of rookie groups that came out early 2011. For others, they’re hooked on that one single completely different from their current image, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” … Continue reading

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4minute – Volume Up [MJ...

We all know “Volume Up” is one of 4minute‘s strongest tracks to date, and certainly one of their better comebacks. I particularly thought the saxophones were a nice touch, though I could’ve done with a little less HyunA and more … Continue reading

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It Hurts [Areia Trance Remix]

Areia may have been putting an emphasis on electrohouse and dubstep in his remixes more recently, but that just halted. After a year and a half of working and reworking it, AreiaCreations has no released it’s trance rendition of 2NE1′s … Continue reading

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Alone [Trance Blossom Remix]

Sistar is making a comeback this month, and apparently so is Trance Blossom. Within just days of the track’s release, we are already able to bring to you a hot new remix. The original Sistar track, “Alone”, resembled the girls’ … Continue reading

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Moves Like K-Pop 2011 [DJ...

Just because you’re not a YouTube superstar doesn’t mean you can’t make great work, and that is exactly what DJ Yigytugd proves time and time again. And this time, his most recent mash-up of some of 2011’s biggest K-Pop favorites. … Continue reading

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